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A short, story-driven horror game that follows a police dispatcher who receives a disturbing phone call. You must make difficult decisions throughout the call to ensure the safety of the caller and yourself...

InteractLeft Mouse Button
Exit MonitorEsc
Dialogue ChoicesNumber Keys/Speech Recognition

DeveloperLouis Edbrooke
WriterTom Rae
3D Character ArtistEllie Borge
UX/UI DesignerLaura Elek

Any questions or bugs to report, leave a comment or send me an email :)



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Very cool game! Very immersive!

Thank you!

Is there multiple endings?

Yes there are!

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the game is cool but there is very little gameplay, want to play longer


I loved how unique the game felt dude.

Straight up nightmare fuel at the end amazing job :D


This ending was so unexpected, and this game is amazing.


12:42. One of the most fun games on the website.

Game was honestly creepy the moment the lights turned on on their own, very sad what happened to Sophie and her family. Was not expecting the thing to get me so hard, great experience, very well done.


I absolutely loved this game!  The voice/microphone mechanic was super cool. The game was well paced, and was incredibly immersive - I was left wanting so much more of this :D

The developers really packed a punch with this one in just a short time. It was creepy with some of the subtle changes, kept us on edge, and tested our quick decision making.

Here's a video of my brother and I playing it, if anyone is interested, but I HIGHLY recommend you experience this for yourself. Well done developers!! 


Love the ambience of this game and the microphone functionality. It felt very immersive and the tensity just keep progressing as time went on. Enjoyed it till the end and thank you for making this! 2nd game.


THIS IS AMAZING!!! What an absolutely amazing idea for a game. This was so much fun, I was so upset when it ended. Are we getting more calls/ storylines somewhere down the track? God I hope so , I could play this game for hours and hours at a time! The ending though, I feel like it didn't fit the general theme even though I do understand what you were saying with it! Watch my video for a more in-depth review of this amazing game. I highly recommend this game! Please play it if you haven't already, you wont regret it! Please sub to my channel if you enjoy my video, every subscriber helps and is so appreciated! Thanks guys.

Hey guys! This was honestly a really fun game. You guys should definitely give it a try. I really loved the small details. If you guys want a preview, come check out my video! But I honestly recommend playing the game yourself to really enjoy it! 


very good game, really enjoed playing this....BTW i was useless lol 


Loved the game. The calls were great, they were so funny, well up to the last one. What I learned is that I would be horrible at a dispatch call centre, I saved one of them at least. Was not expecting the ending, even with all of the build up it felt like the scare came out of nowhere.

Great game, looking forward to future games.


It's a decent game, but...

 Why the jumpscares ? They're random, don't add anything at all. 


I highly recommend others to play the game just for the experience. I loved how it uses voice recognition to input the choices, it gets the player to interact with the story. A change that I would make is having the dialogue be time-based, giving the play a small amount of time to input their choice, in my opinion, this would give a sense of pressure. I would have also liked to know more about what happened to the main character previously, they mention that it wasn't his "fault" for a guy's death. But other than that it was good.


I'm very confused by this game's ending. The jumpscare came out of nowhere, and it was so random that I didn't even feel scared by it, just surprised and confused. The spooks that were the rabbit plush and the file folder just seem out of place when there's no story attached to it. There's a lot of visual elements that should be connected by a narrative that just aren't. I see in other comments that these items are representative for PTSD and the whole game was a creation of the mind, but this is not in any way explored by the game itself so don't go in expecting that. It's also not really a game about being a police dispatcher, with two 'joke' calls that take away from the atmosphere and only one serious call that quickly dissolves into randomness.

I also thought the voice actor for the child was trying way too hard to be cutesy and came off unnatural.

I think the scariest part of the game is where the settings say that it has voice recognition, and the fear of what that would entail, because it doesn't seem to have come up in the game at all.


This game was really well made! i really enjoyed every minute of it! 


Absolutely incredible game, terrifying and atmospheric in just the right way,, absolutely amazing!


really well executed game but i hope there will be more endings in the future 


Super great way to show guilt and the difficult decisions 911 operators have to go through on the daily. 


Wasn't ready for the ending though! Loved the attention to detail, such as the sound, and when the fire starts, you can see glowing in underneath the door in the office. And the details such as the whiteboard saying "Coward" and when you lie to the women you see "liar" on your screen, with slight glitches. It shows PTSD in a great way, and the hinting to the previous encounter and how that messes with your characters' perception of this encounter that we play through.  The monster that haunts you is like the physical version of guilt and trauma. Lots of layers, and that's what made it great!

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Thank you for playing, I’m glad you picked up all of the small details we included and I’m happy you enjoyed the game!

We are currently working on another project, so if you’d like to follow the development of that one you can find us on Twitter (@twoshoedgames)


The game was a 10/10 until the horror I never knew a Police game would turn into a scary game.


Dispatch made it onto my list of 10 scary indie horror games from 2021. The voice recognition was a great touch that works very well in a game like this. The story and events happening to you and those on the other end of the line make for an unsettling experience. I certainly wasn't ready for the ending either. Great game.

awesome game. I loved it


hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 🥰

Hello again rosti, thanks for playing! I remember you were the first person to play our very first game The Longest Road, so I am glad you are still with us and enjoying our games! :)


🥰 no prob my friends


Pros and cons are down below)

Check out my video here if you'd like:


So scary! The unsettling feeling from the call is amazing and the jumpscares are unpredictable, very well paced and surprisingly effective! I was on the edge of the seat for the entire time playing this!


I think that the choices were too close to each other and seemed like it doesn't really matter what you are choosing that much. I'm not sure whether that's correct but that is the impression that I got, I wish there would be more dialogue routes to pick.


I wish this was a full game. 9.8 dispatch calls / 10. That was one of the best short indie horror games I've played and I've played a ton.

Hope my feedback was useful!

Thank you for playing and providing such great feedback! We did try to add as much variety in the choices as we could but wanted it to reach the same destination so it was a bit tough. We will keep that in mind for next time though! :)


Brilliant game! Emotional, tense, scary. Really weighs on your conscience. Excellent interactivity too. Keep up the awesome work!


I  play this game at 12:42. Brilliant game! Really cool concept, really had me immersed and did not expect that ending!!!

Check out my video.


game was amazing =). Starts at 4:30.


Cant believe that I haven't played this game sooner, really great job

scary and fun so good on you 


Loved it, the scares were amazing and the story was interesting. And an amazing plot twist. 9/10

Fun game! I want a extended version or part 2 please :D


Pretty funny game tbh but it was a good story line, anyone else get annoyed with Sophies voice?


I absolutely LOVED everything about this game from the voice recognition to the big jump scares!! Everything was done so well and the hard work definitely shows here!! I wasn't sure why exactly we were being haunted by some demon or whatever it was (I think it has something to do with what our chief was talking about when we first got into the game but I am not exactly sure what that was all about). I hope this gets made into a full length game because I would LOVE to play more!! GREAT JOB!

Check timestamps Dispatch is the second game in this video



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Comments below the clip;

Well, well, well. The first ever game where I can't leave my chair and/or move around...

Being quite a mobile guy in real life, that was a novel approach to gaming. To just sit there and wait for the phone to ring, that's not what I'm all about, as I just go for what I need/want.

So, kudos to you guys, for forcing/letting me have  a close look at the person I'm absolutely not [and never want to be].

The interaction with faceless individuals, enhances the feeling of a detachment from reality and plays well into the atmosphere of creepiness.

I was so f***ing focused on getting things right, that I missed most of what happened around me. A thing that can be both good and bad.

I <3 the finishing touch on everything around me, because it makes playing a game that more realistic. Well done and I love/d it. Hat in hand to all of you!

Thank you for the amazing feedback, glad you enjoyed the experience :)


I think this is my favorite horror game on itchio. Wow. I love it. Followed!!

Well, this game definitely had some spooks. The environmental effects were very interesting. Especially when the little bunny got speared to the corkboard(and then moved)! Good job with this game.


Loved the game but almost wish the horror came from the calls you received instead of the monster itself. I enjoyed the changing environments "Liar" and such popping up various places, but the actual monster itself seemed out of place. Hope you do more with this concept and maybe make a full game dedicated to the horrors of police dispatch.


Loved the tension this game builds as you try to make the right choices, also this game gave me one of the wildest jumpscares lol. Looking forward to more games from you in the future


I loved every second of this game! I was super immersed right off the bat and enjoyed seeing the environment change due to the calls. I really hope you continue to create more games like this or even continue this game as a series.
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