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A short, story-driven horror game that follows a police dispatcher who receives a disturbing phone call. You must make difficult decisions throughout the call to ensure the safety of the caller and yourself...

InteractLeft Mouse Button
Exit MonitorEsc
Dialogue ChoicesNumber Keys/Speech Recognition

DeveloperLouis Edbrooke
WriterTom Rae
3D Character ArtistEllie Borge
UX/UI DesignerLaura Elek

Any questions or bugs to report, leave a comment or send me an email :)

Email - louisedbrooke@gmail.com

Twitter - https://twitter.com/TwoShoedGames

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(147 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsHorror, Meaningful Choices, Psychological Horror, Story Rich


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Played your game along a bunch of others in this last stream:

Really enjoyed your game.
Big fan! Can't wait for your next work!!

little spoiler !

this game is great, i love this content u made it, thanks to let us playing u game.

awesome game, loved the vibes. second game in the vid <3 


Could u perhaps make a sandbox mode, or a endless mode? No storyline, just receiving calls and making reports etc, kinda like 911 Operator, would help a lot with replayability.

Game freezes when the house is burning. wtf?


God this game was hella good, I wish there was a full version someday! I liked that it actually picks up on your mic, the decisions you have to make, and the humor at the beginning of the game!


i love the way it opens, bleeding straight on any pictures of puppies you have on your browser lmao

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Wow this game was so well done, the atmosphere was tense throughout and i loved the idea of being at the dispatch desk not being able to get up and move around, which made me feel helpless which added to the atmosphere. The voice acting was really good also.


Played this short horror game and it was amazing! 
I loved the atmosphere build up! IT got to me!
Great job! We need more games like this!!!


Is it possible to click the incident reports or the messages on your inbox? I'm all for lore! 

Sadly not but that would make a great addition. I’ll keep that in mind if we push an update! 


Ah, I see! I thought I was doing something wrong, LOL. Also I just got the jumpscare of my LIFE ghghg. Good job! Someone was actually near me when I played, didn't even see the jumpscare but heard it and also got jumpscared LOL, especially when I showed them what had jumped out. 

(Slight spoiler!) 

Also the plushie is so interesting. Right before the jumpscare, I noticed it was missing and I was like ''Wait- ... well this isn't good!'' Turned around and BOOM.

If there are updates, I'll definitely play again :D Short game, but very very well done ^^ 


Thank you very much for playing, glad you enjoyed it! :))


This game was a masterpiece, I loved the conversations, the choices, the fact that it's replayable, and how you understand the scenario at the end, amazing, keep going !


Loved this game! I would LOVE to see a multi-hour long version or something. The mic integration was wonderful! 1000/10! 

Sadly, the voice recognition doesn't work. No mic, no play.

Wait, what is it supposed to do? I just played the game entirely with the options, no voice recognition needed ^^' I don't talk in mics though, so that could just be me djdjdjd


Amazing Game, The voice recognition made me not wanna talk much but overall leading up to the jump scare was well executed. Super Excited to see more. Also the intro to the game was amazing with the blood pouring onto the screen. Part of my 3 Scary games.

This game was sick and something different, I really enjoyed it! (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested! game starts at 14:25)
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This Game Is Very Cool and Was Pretty Scary. Its The First Game


I would really look forward to this becoming a full game, basically a dispatch simulator with some horror elements. LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL, AND EXCITING. It was immaculate. If you work on expanding it in general it would be wonderful. Good job.


Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words :) As far as a full game goes, I’m definitely considering it! 

Good luck on that bro! 

Very Nice and original game!

When i booted this game up the into made me think i had a virus. Scared me lol

I liked it lmao


Very cool short game! I really enjoyed playing Dispatch and the concept was really fascinating!


such a slowburning banger of a game!

nice intro by the way.

Cool game 10/10.

I really enjoyed the different concept this game brings and that fact it worked so well with my PC.

This one got me. Well done!


A very unique and effective horror game!

I absolutely loved this game! My only complaint? I wish there was more! It was so good I wanted to keep going. I was so invested in the story. Very well done, I hope to see more one day. Keep up the good work!


This game right here man had me going for real!!!! Like i dont think i ever wanna work a desk job ever AGAIN!!!



<3 <£

cool game with interesting mechanics! the only criticism i have is that the monster seems very out of place, and there's not a whole lot of reason behind why it's stalking you at your station. it's just kind of there.


My thought is that it's a demon that kills you for some sort of karma reason, like it only appears when all of the people in the house die, it also only appears when something bad happens in the house, so it probably knows the family and kills you when you dont successfully save the family.


I really enjoyed this little horror game! I used the mic feature and it really upped the experience! 

Wonderfully crafted game. The ending really got me!


I included this in my 1st 3 scary games video (it's the 2nd game) and i'm really glad i did this was great.
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This is me first look and have not seen any videos on this, but does this from the summary alone does it sound like Do You Copy but more scary and/or realistic. But I'ma try it now.

Good A$$ Game!!! W

Jump scare At The End Sh*t Caught Me. LOL

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